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List of publications by MPS faculty and alumni

Chilton, G. & Scotti, V. (2014),Snipping, gluing, writing: The properties of collage as an arts based research practice in art therapy, Art Therapy, Vol.31 #4, 163-171.

DiSunno, R., Linton, K., Bowes, E. (2011), World trade center tragedy: Concomitant healing in traumatic grief through art therapy with children, Traumatology, Vol17 (3), 47-52. (emeritus faculty member, Rebecca Di Sunno

Di Sunno, R. (1998), Play therapy with sexually abused children: A synergistic clinical-developmental approach, play therapy techniques, play therapy interventions with children’s problems: Case studies with DSM IV diagnoses, Art Therapy, Vol. 15, 32, pp. 131-133.

Furman, L. (2013), Ethics in Art Therapy, London: Jessica Kingsley

Furman, L. (2011), Last breath: Art therapy with a lung cancer patient facing imminent death, Art Therapy, Vol. 28 # 4, pp177-180.

Gibbons, K. (2013), Integrating Art Therapy and Yoga Therapy: Yoga, Art, and the use of Intention, London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Gibbons, K. (2010), Circle justice: A creative arts approach to conflict resolution in the classroom. Art Therapy, Vol. 27 #2, pp.84-89.

Harber, K. (2011), Creating a framework: Art therapy elicits the narrative. Art Therapy, Vol.28 #1, pp. 19-25.

Langer, S.J. & Martin, J.I., (2004), How dresses can make you mentally ill: Examining gender identity disorder in children, Child and Adolescent Social Work, Vol.21 #1.

Langer, S.J. (2011), Gender (dis)agreement: A dialogue on the clinical implications of gendered language, Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health, Vol.15, #3, pp.303-307.

McCullouch, C. (2009), A child’s use of transitional objects in art therapy to cope with divorce, Art Therapy, Vol. 26 #1, pp. 19-25.

McGann, E., (2006) Color me beautiful: Racism, identity formation and art therapy, Journal of Emotional Abuse, Vol.6 Issue 2-3, pp. 197-217.
Color Me Beautiful: Racism, Identity Formation and Art Therapy in Blitz and Pender

Greene (2006), Racism and Racial Identity: Reflections on Urban Practice in Mental Health and Social Services. New York: Haworth Publishers.

McGann, E.(1999). Art therapy as assessment and intervention in adolescent homicide, Art Therapy, Vol. 38 #2, pp. 51.

McGann, E. A grandmother’s group: Art therapy with grandmothers raising adolescent grandchildren. In Art Therapy With Older Adults. R. Perry (Editor) (2004). New York: Charles C. Thomas Publishers.

Mikel, E. (2012), The Art of Business: A Guide to Self Employment for Creative Arts Therapies, London, Jessica Kingsley.

Obstfeld, R. (1993), Idealization, transformation and disillusion in the art of a polyaddicted transsexual, American Journal of Art Therapy, Vol.32.

Scotti, V. & Aicher, L.A., (2015), Veiling and unveiling: An artistic exploration of self/other processes, Qualitative Inquiry, 1-6

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