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Academic Policies for 2016-2017

Academic Integrity

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. All assignments are to be the original ideas and writings of students, unless otherwise cited from reference material. Students found to have committed an act of academic dishonesty will fail the assignment for which an infraction is suspected and substantiated. More serious violations will be handled through the process detailed in the SVA Handbook.

MPS Art Therapy Department’s Definition of Plagiarism:

Directly copying four or more consecutive words in a phrase from either a written, oral or internet source, without appropriate reference of the original source.

Directly reproducing someone’s drawings, illustrations, tables, charts or graphs without appropriate reference.

Paraphrasing material – someone’s theories, ideas, concepts, statistics, factual data or actual words without appropriate reference.

The term 'appropriate reference' is defined as the most recent guidelines set forth by the APA for referencing research material.

Academic Progress

Graduate students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in order to remain in good academic standing. The MPS Art Therapy Department will accept towards a graduate degree only those courses with grades of B‐ or higher.

Students who do not meet these minimum requirements will be placed on academic probation, receive a letter specifying the terms of probation, and have their work monitored by the MPS Art Therapy Department. Two semesters on academic probation, or not fulfill the conditions of the probation letter, may result in dismissal from SVA.

Class and Internship Attendance

Students are expected to attend and be on time for all classes and designated internship days. If an absence or lateness is to occur, students must notify the instructor or on‐site supervisor, and make up any missed assignments in a timely manner, or internship hours based on the needs and requirements of the clients and the site. Excessive absence or lateness will result in a reduced grade for the course and/or poor internship evaluation and potential academic probation.

Course and Instructor Evaluations

Students are responsible for completing a Course and Instructor Evaluation for each class. These evaluations are done electronically at the end of each semester, and faculty have been instructed to give time in‐class for this.

Incomplete Grades

In rare circumstances, students unable to complete required coursework in a given semester may receive an Incomplete grade. This decision is made by the instructor and student, and an Incomplete Grade form is generated and put on file with the Art Therapy Department and the Registrar’s Ofice. This form is an agreement between the student and instructor specifying what work needs to be completed and when it is due. Any deviation from this agreement may result in a failing grade for the course.

Mid-Semester Unsatisfactory Evaluations

Students who do not meet course requirements will receive a Mid‐Semester Unsatisfactory Evaluation. This form may be given to a student for excessive absences, failure to complete required work or assignments in a satisfactory manner, or failure to participate in classroom work and activity. A student will receive written notification of a Mid‐Semester Unsatisfactory Evaluation, as will the Department Chair, the Coordinator of Academic Advisement, and the Graduate Advisor.

Religious Holidays and Observances

Canceling a class due to a religious holiday or observance is up to each instructor’s discretion. Any cancelled class must be made up by the end of the semester. Students who miss class or internship hours because of a religious holiday or observance must notify the instructor and/or on‐site supervisor ahead of time, and all required assignments and internship hours must be completed by the time indicated in the syllabus, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Students With Impairments and Disabilities

In order to receive academic accommodations due to an impairment or disability, a student must first register with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). Students approved for accommodations will be given an ODS Accommodation Letter to submit to their instructors. If a student does not provide an ODS Accommodation Letter to their instructor, they will not be eligible to receive accommodations in that course. All instructors are required to adhere to SVA's policies regarding accommodations for students with disabilities. Students who have a need for academic accommodations, or suspect they may have an impairment or disability, should contact the ODS at 212.592.2282, or email